Iceland and Egge 2017

In the summer of 2017 we performed in Reykjavik, Iceland and at Egge vikingfestival, close to Steinkjer, Norway.

Check out our CD «Det som bølger ut i havet» // «What waves bight bring».

June 2nd 20:00: Hannesarholt, Reykajvik, Iceland

June 3. 14:00: Akranes, Iceland

En extra consert inside the spectacular lighthouse at Akranes, north of Reykjavik.  Information 

Pictures from Iceland.

Photos: Tom War, John Vedde, Hilmar Sigvaldason and Maria Agaton.


July 7.- 9. : Egge vikingfestival at Egge Musem, outside Steinkjer

Webpage  (In Norwegian)     About Egge museum . (In English)

Picture from Egge viking festival