Egge 2019

Vi gleder oss til å delta på Barnas Vikingdager på Egge 12. – 14. juli. Bildet er fra forrige gang vi deltok i 2017. Foto: Tore Viem. // We will participate at Egge close to the Norwegian town Steinkjer from July 12. to July 14..

Iceland and Egge 2017

In the summer of 2017 we performed in Reykjavik, Iceland and at Egge vikingfestival, close to Steinkjer, Norway. Check out our CD «Det som bølger ut i havet» // «What waves bight bring». June 2nd 20:00: Hannesarholt, Reykajvik, Iceland June 3. 14:00: Akranes, Iceland En extra consert inside the spectacular lighthouse at Akranes, north of… Fortsett å lese Iceland and Egge 2017

Music and video

«King Orfeo» – album 2021 Play the songs on your favorite streamingservice (Apple music, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon…) Many of the songs are a part of our show: Aud the deepminded. (Aud den duptenkte) «Det som bølger ut i havet» – album – 2016 Get the music: Apple Music YouTube Tidal Buy our CD. Read more… Fortsett å lese Music and video

Lofotr and Tønsberg 2016

Tønsberg We performed at Tønsberg vikingfestival September 10..  Music, handicraft, lectures etc. Tønsberg is bit over one hour with a car from Oslo. In Tønsberg we performed on board the viking ship «Saga Oseberg»! That was indeed suitable for the consert «Aud the deepminded – the long journey».   Lofotr We were at the Lofotr Vikingfestival,… Fortsett å lese Lofotr and Tønsberg 2016

Lofotr and Yddir 2015

In 2015 we participated with our performance «Unn the deepminded – The long journey» at Lofotr Vikingfestival, Borg in Lofoten, and Yddir vikingfestival, Aurskog –Høland Bygdetun, Hemnes in Høland. In Lofoten we played inside the boathouse,  were the viking-ships are stored in the winther. A special location which suited the story about Aud the deepminded… Fortsett å lese Lofotr and Yddir 2015


  In the boathouse of Lofotr Vikingmuseum during the vikingfestival in 2015. Foto: Maria Agaton. History and art: Storytelling by music History is our fundament, and we perform our music in a historical context.  On stage, we give our audience a combination of storytelling and music, based on Scandinavian history. In 2016 our performance is… Fortsett å lese Performances