Foto: John Vedde
Photo: John Vedde

Rolf Agaton

Musicologist at The University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Holds lectures about music in Scandinavia before Christianity, presently working as a teacher in Music and English, as an educational supervisor and as a composer.

Rolf has been holding lectures at:

In Sweden:
The Birka Museum at Birka, The Museum of History in Stockholm.

In Norway:
Gudvangen Viking Market, Lofotr Museum of Vikings, Midgard Historical Centre at Borre, Aurskog- Høland Viking Market, The National Culture Centre of Stikklestad.

As a musician and a composer: played in the group «Kräldjursanstalten» («Reptile Asylum») during the 70s. He has composed five musicals for children and young people in school projects.

Rolf has composed and arranged music for films, among them for the group: «Fläskkvartetten». Touring with David Thomas from Pere Ubu in Europe.

Homepage of Rolf Agaton

Foto: Wigdis Haugaas
Photo: Wigdis Haugaas

Tone Holte

Is a singer, an actress and a dramatist. She is also an advisory officer on folk music at The Østfold Council of Music, in Norway. She has written and performed several different plays connected to The Viking Age, touring for many years at museums and schools in Norway as well as in France.

She also holds lectures and courses about old song traditions in Sweden and Norway.

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John Vedde
Photo: Tone Holte

John Vedde

In Lyra fra Nord John plays the Kraviklyre, a lyre replica from a finding i Norway. He has been recording the tracks for this album. John has been a singer and guitarist in various local bands.  He has been playing together with Tone and Ragnhild Gjerstad, Fenja and Menja, at viking markets around in Norway.

John is responsible for the webpage.

Homepage of John Vedde.